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What Does LED Lighting Consulting Do?

Contact and establish relationships with the best mix of lighting vendors.
Create in-house basic training for your sales force.
Develop a team of in-house lighting sales people to do the following:
a. Focus exclusively on lighting.
b. Perform facility audits.
c. Create an investment analysis.
d. Create proposals.
e. Meet with clients to make presentations.
f. Solicit the existing customer base for lighting.
g. Research utility rebates and administer them.
Develop PowerPoint presentations for client introductions.
Establish relationships with finance companies for project financing.
Establish relationships with national electrical contractors for projects requiring installation.
Determine the fastest moving products for stocking/inventory in your warehouses.
Cross reference guides to make product selection easy.
Interact with purchasing to establish cost and pricing guidelines based on competition.
Meet with clients for large presentations and opportunities.
Create investment analysis templates for lamp and fixture products.
Keep the team up to date on new products and best practices.
Contact and interact with fixture manufacturers for complex lighting layouts.
Attend corporate training meetings and industry trade show events.
Join and participate in national trade organizations where needed.
Become trade allies with utility companies nationally, as needed.
Research and administer utility rebates on behalf of clients.

Purchase products through our sister company, Integrity LED Lighting, Inc., at a minimum markup when lighting manufacturers will not sell exclusive brand lighting products to a non-lighting distributor.