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Why Use a Consultant?

Benefits of Using LED Lighting Consulting

We have the knowledge, experience and connections for you to succeed as an LED lighting distributor. Read about the hurdles we make it easy to overcome.

Clients: the First Hurdle

Many of the relationships with clients are predominantly with the procurement group. Most lighting is researched, specified, and selected by the facilities department, real estate department, or energy managers. Often, your sales rep is going in with a referral from the purchasing department but otherwise cold to these lighting buyers.

These lighting buyers have been purchasing light bulbs and electrical products from an expert supplier that they have a years' long relationship with, and now they are being asked to consider the purchasing department's office supply company to take the place of their trusted, expert vendor. You need a company to help educate your representatives and make these prospective clients feel comfortable with your knowledge and technical expertise.

New Project Pipeline

This is not a reorder business; it is a "one-shot sale." Many buyers are not concerned with their lighting distributor being able to make repeated reorder deliveries monthly. That is a thing of the past. Once a socket is filled, most LED products are projected to last for 10 to 20 years. Most people are looking to convert their entire building or some portion of it at one time as a project. There are those that will buy products at the lowest monthly cost based on their monthly maintenance budget. They are normally small facilities.

We Know the Competition

Who sells lighting to our buyer? With whom are we competing? It could be Grainger or Home Depot Supply, who are the big catalog players in the facility maintenance world. It could be a local light bulb distributor or their national/local electrical supply house, such as Graybar, GESCO, WESCO, or City Electric. It could a big national lighting distributor, such as Voss, Regency, or Capitol Lighting.

It could be an ESCO, which is an Energy Saving Company that typically bundles a turnkey solution to the client. It could also be their local electrician who has been doing their repairs and upgrades. There are also the online light bulb companies, such as Amazon, 1000Bulbs.com, and others. There is plenty of competition, and we know them all. We can guide you on how best to compete and win against them.

Competitive Pricing

We have seen an unprecedented drop in LED lighting prices based on the major influx of foreign-made products over the last 18 months. Some products have declined by 50% or more. To be competitive, you must buy directly from an importer, manufacturer or master distributor and establish volume pricing. You must also determine what grade of product your customer is looking to purchase. 

You cannot win RFP opportunities from the government, healthcare, and buying group sectors without the ability to negotiate with the vendor involved in the project. Buying thru a franchise or local distributor will now allow you to complete on larger accounts. Let us guide you on who to buy what from to compete.

An Unflappable Sales Force

Most non-lighting distributors get easily discouraged when they see the obstacles involved with selling these products in their present state. This is true with any new multiline distributors products or vertical that is not simple. People don't like to try and sell what they don't understand. The clear majority of people take the easy route and stick with their core products only.

Some of the things that discourage salespeople when trying to sell LED lighting are:
Long Sales Cycle
Building New Relationships with Facilities Personnel
Technical Nature of Lighting Solutions

We teach you and your sales team how to win selling LED Lighting.