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How Do I get started selling      LED Lighting products?

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  It's not just a matter of finding a product line or vendor to buy products from. Often distributors jump into a new potentially high volume vertical and fail. We find out that in order to compete and succeed, it requires direction and a sustained effort from an industry expert that can educate and train the entire organization.


You need to have availbility to the right mix of products, including major brands, strong progressive non-major brands, and commodity grade, price-driven products. You cannot win with just a high-end or low-end product; you must have all of the tools in your bag to win a high percentage of projects. This includes buying direct from LED Lighting importers and manufacturers.


Technical expertise to determine what a customer is using in their building now and the best products for them to purchase to upgrade their lighting systems. 


The experience and technical knowledge to evaluate what the competition is bidding and which is the correct vendor and products to compete with.


The ability to provide a turnkey solution where needed which includes facility audits, investment analysis,  installation, financing, and utility rebate availability and administration.


The ability to provide a new lighting system. Having manufacturers that will design and layout new lighting systems. There are giant dollars in outdoor lighting fixtures including roadway, parking lot and security lighting.


Training of the existing sales staff so that they can do the following:
Make a basic lighting introduction.
Have enough information to create interest.
Have a list of questions so they can properly qualify the opportunity.
Have a clear list of the moving items that are stocked in multiple price ranges.
Have a list of commodity products to establish price leadership.


Have a lighting team that they can hand the ball off to in order to help qualify what will be needed to earn the prospect's business and provide the best comprehensive solutions.


A knowledgeable inside support staff that can research and provide answers, as well as quotations.